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                      People + Platform = ^ Exponential Benefits ^

  • People + Platform = Increased Care Quality
  • People + Platform = Tighter Financial Control
  • People + Platform = Lower TCO
  • People + Platform = Lower Risk
  • People + Platform = Better Differentiation
  • People + Platform = Integrated Enterprise
  • People + Platform = Immediate Attention

The System is a combination of Software as a Service (SaaS) and a dedicated team of people assigned to you.

Dedicated Customer Service/Support Team: Our team acts as an extension of your organization, working with you to achieve your strategic objectives.

Care Coordination: ensures the delivery of seamless care coordination across the entire healthcare spectrum by creating a central working system that reduces fragmentation, increases collaboration, and enhances the flow of communication about a member.

Customization: The produsts are specifically designed to you.  Whether it is adding new features, modifying existing features, or uploading new documents, that integrates naturally into the organizations workflow so you can spend more time providing care and less time adapting to technology.

Patient Engagement: The software product is empowers the consumer by allowing them to manage and monitor their own health at home, ultimately providing a better overall health experience for the consumer.

Interoperability: It has the ability to “communicate” with other technology systems.  Our master collection of interoperable healthcare services reduces fragmentation, enhances collaboration, and seamlessly and securely transfers medical information across all care settings.

Quality Oversight or Program Evaluation: Our intelligence reports, analytics, and monitoring tools increases accountability, drive systemic improvement, and produces savings.  The software collects, analyzes, and summarizes program information that will help evaluate and monitor program performance.

Quality of Care: Ultimately, our goal is for the Consumer to receive the best care possible. We do this by enabling you to deliver seamless patient centered care right to the home of their members.

Maximize Efficiency or Process Improvement: We will help you transition from a cost reduction strategy to an increased efficiency approach by lowering costs through improvement, better care for individuals, and better health for the population.

Saves Time and Money: Here at Medline Consulting we believe the best way to reduce healthcare costs is to improve quality.  Our software platform integrates seamlessly into your workflow so that it immediately increases business processes, reduces administrative work, and helps prevent medical errors and avoids expensive institutional care.

Reliable, Secure, and Accessible: The software is a web based EMR that requires no installation, is easy to use, reliable, and is accessible anywhere, even on your iPad.

Little Risk:  We believe we provide the best possible care at the lowest necessary cost.  We accomplish this by offering our customers software products for a low subscription fee that eliminates high startup costs.  If this is not for you, you can stop using it at anytime.

360 Degree Solution: With the integration of Claims & Billing, we provides a 360 degree solution that maximizes efficiency, drives systemic improvement and produces savings that help Providers effectively and efficiently manage care.

Speedy Enrollment and Intake Process: Giving you that competitive edge that you need to accommodate the diversity of participants, the hand off of responsibilities, and the need for consistent care.


Member of American Health Information Management Association, Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society