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In today’s changing healthcare environment, improving financial performance or your patients’ clinical outcomes while continuing to grow your practice is more challenging than ever. To succeed, you need a technology solution that helps you deliver the highest quality of patient care without sacrificing revenue or practice efficiency. We features a wide-range of electronic health record (EHR) and practice management (PM) systems designed to help practices of all sizes manage clinical and financial workflows successfully.

Medline IT Solutions offer practices both cloud and server-based solutions designed to help enhance care quality and improve physician workflow. Our solutions provide the scheduling, billing, claims processing and revenue management capabilities that meet the needs of both small practices as well as the more complex requirements of mid-sized and larger offices.

When your clinical and back office workflow and operations are running smoothly, your practice is more likely to deliver solid financial results and optimal patient satisfaction.

Medline Consulting is a dynamic and innovative Health Care IT Consulting organization determined to exceed our clients’ highest expectations.

The healthcare field is currently in a state of transformation, and advances in technology are the catalyst. Evolving technology comes with advanced electronic security standards for HIPAA compliance, and the systems that make it all possible require responsive support to work for you and your patients.

Automated systems, better digital recordkeeping, and integrated software solutions create a more convenient, streamlined experience for patients and staff alike. Correct management of patient data is at the heart of healthcare technology, and you need a reliable backup system to preserve patient records in the event of any type of disaster.



Member of American Health Information Management Association, Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society